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About Bembridge & Seaview

Bembridge is located almost at the eastern most point of The Island. From here there are shallow beaches, which offer safe bathing and hours of time beach-combing and crabbing for the kids. The Village is somewhat detached from the rest of The Island, which adds to its charm. Noted as perhaps one of the most upmarket areas, Bembridge offers a surprisingly busy little harbour, which is always well stocked with pleasure craft and fishing boats, providing a constant flow of traffic as they “come and go” to The Solent. The harbour has individual house boats on it's southern shore and you can even get afternoon tea or B & B in some of them.

The village centre has a good range of small shops, which offer an excellent range of everyday goods. They are arranged in 2 main shopping areas, the first being the top of Lane End Road and the other being The High Street. As you would expect from an area close to the sea and yachting facilities, there are an excellent range of pubs and restaurants. Accommodation in the area, which is predominantly residential, is at coastal holiday resorts, which provide everything, to large campsites and park resorts. Each one is never very far away from a safe beach or bay and the coastal walks which wind along cliffs are a great attraction for those tourists who enjoy walking.

Bembridge has a small airport to the west of the town centre, on the way towards Sandown. Here the Famous “Islander” aircraft, which many Police Forces use as a spotter plane is built. From the top of Bembridge Down, you can spend the day overlooking the airport, with its small pleasure craft coming and going. Behind this you will look out to Bembridge and St. Helens with The Solent and Mainland beyond. The shipping channel is always busy and you will be able to watch container ships, coasters and liners pass by and then round The Nab Tower as they head off into The English Channel.

Bembridge, like Seaview, Cowes and Yarmouth is an area often visited by celebrities, who either live in the area or have the benefit of a holiday home. When you visit the area, you too will see why Bembridge has proved so popular with so many people.

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