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Bonchurch, Isle of Wight - Quick Tour


About Bonchurch

The village of Bonchurch nestles between Shanklin and Ventnor and is truly worth a visit to appreciate the quaint cottages, large imposing Victorian Mansions and the village pond.

Built on the side of St.Boniface down, leading down to the sea, Bonchurch will remind you of the sort of holiday of yester year. The seafront has a safe shingle and sand beach, surrounded by rocks, which the kids will love to climb over, hunting for crabs and small fish. For the parents, there are several cafes, which look out to sea and serve a variety of local seafood specialities. From the shore you can take the level walk along the revetment towards Ventnor. Here you will pass tiny fisherman's cottages, Wheelers Bay and end up at Ventnor harbour.

Another feature of the village is the pond. This large pond is stocked with huge carp, which rise from the deep when visitors throw them bread. There are also ducks and beautifully trees and shrubs and its pleasant to while away an hour just taking in the scenery.

Bonchurch, like Ventnor, was constructed predominantly through the Victorian years for the wealthy gentry, who holidayed in the area, taking in the notably milder climate, which is protected by the stunning backdrop of St. Boniface Down, the Island's highest point. To the east there is a superb walk through “The Landslip”, a coastal woodland, perched on top of the cliffs, which has been modelled by Landslips and erosion. Sheltered by ancient oaks, this walk is a must, you can walk through the deep stone gorge called the Devil's Chimney and then once at the top reward yourself with a cream tea.

A visit to Bonchurch is a must for people who appreciate the quiet life. The views, seafront and atmosphere.

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