From dinosaur fossils to the summer homes of royalty the Isle of Wight has it all

The  Isle of Wight is unrivalled in the variety of places of historic interest. Travel through time with us and explore our historic past from the time dinosaurs roamed the Isle of Wight through to the great ice age, search for fossil on one of the many Island beaches where the footsteps of dinosaurs can still be seen. Visit the site of great Roman villas in Brading and walk in the footsteps Kings, princesses and Queens. Explore the Isle of Wights military past from ancient conquests to castles and forts and learn about the Pluto pipeline used to provided fuel to the allies following the D-Day landing.

The Islands natural wonders led Queen Victoria, its most famous resident to build Osborne House in East Cowes on the Isle of Wight and since then many visitors have been charmed by the Islands spectacular landscapes and ancient history including some famous poets, writters and photographers such as the celebrated Victorian photographer Julia Margaret Cameron who’s work can be seen at Dimbola Lodge.

There are also a number of interesting churches to visit on the Isle of Wight including Quarr Abbey a working monastery and home of the Islands Benedictine monks .

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