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January 2020

Ventnor is a typical seaside town on the south side of the isle of Wight and is fortunate to have some lovely places to eat. One of these is the retro Carnaby Tea Rooms, although it is far more than this. Carnaby is 1960s and 70s themed with gentle (so you can talk) era music playing in the background; Beatles and Elvis memorabilia scattered around along with a myriad of artefacts from the period, lovingly displayed throughout the café. There is free wi-fi, free games for both adults and children, newspapers and magazines to browse whilst you eat and drink something hot or cold from the wide-ranging menu, including vegan and gluten free options and Sunday roasts. ‘Carnaby Treets’ hosts not only a sherbert fountain but a large selection of retro sweets, in jars including old favourites like Sherbet bonbons and liquorice twists, beside this is ‘Carnaby Street’ with games, jigsaws and cards for sale. Dotted around the café are other eclectic knick-knacks on offer. You can lounge in comfy seats or sit at tables and order a feast such as the daily specials, for example, Chilli, rice and naan bread or Spaghetti Bolognese (£7) followed by a choice of desserts (from