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standard-title About isleofwight.com isleofwight.com is an independent version of the Tourist Board for the Isle of Wight. This page offers an insight in to how it came about and the people involved.

About isleofwight.com

isleofwight.com is an independent version of the Tourist Board for the Isle of Wight. This page offers an insight in to how it came about and the people involved.

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About isleofwight.com

isle of wight logo isleofwight.com is owned by Kevin and Fiona Daniells, who have lived most of their lives on the beautiful Isle of Wight.

Kevin Daniells isleofwight.com

Kevin Daniells

Kevin and Fi spent many years as Estate Agents, building up an enviable knowledge and respect throughout the Island. Selling their business in 2004, Kevin and Fiona bought the domain name isleofwight.com and decided to create a website to promote the Island and all that it has to offer. In 2014 they were proud to celebrate their 10th anniversary, which was a major milestone for them all. In that time they have become the Island’s no.1 independent tourism portal, providing business promotion in both print and on the web. Quite simply – nobody comes close to what they offer.

Fiona Daniells isleofwight.com

Fiona Daniells

isleofwight.com is the best domain name possible to promote the Island on the Internet. In fact, over 38% of the traffic that goes to isleofwight.com is where people have simply typed isleofwight.com into their address bar, presuming that this would be the main domain name for the Island.  In addition to this key domain name, visitisleofwight.com is owned by Kevin and Fi and it diverts traffic to the site. This is another key name and when dealing with tourist boards throughout the Country, website surfers use names such as visitwales.com and visitscotland.com. What that means is that with these 2 key domain names coupled with their usable and attractively designed website, mean that there really is no other better alternative; to make sure your tourist-related business is promoted on the World Wide Web. Forward thinking, the site is continually developed, to ensure it is always the market leader.

The latest website which was launched in September 2016 marks a significant private investment of just over £50,000 and is designed not only to appeal to people researching the Isle of Wight for a holiday, but also be a useful tool once they reach the Island’s shores.  Now, when viewed on a smartphone using either Android or Apple devices, the website is aware of their location and can guide them to whatever they require with the use of “Turn-by-Turn” satellite navigation. Kevin said. “This is a very exciting development in the way information regarding the Island is delivered to both tourists and Island residents.  There are so many hidden places and businesses that not everyone is aware of.  Now, if you are standing in say Freshwater, you can select what you are looking for, be it a secluded beach or cafe, and the results are clearly displayed on a map.  Once you have chosen where you want to go, the site and software will take you there. The most exciting this with this concept is that businesses will be able to advertise their special offers and deals and site users will be able to see what is available directly around them. We want people to go local, rather than to the larger, more well known towns.”

isleofwight.com is a market leader in the promotion of websites across Social Media using Facebook and Twitter.  The company  also provides themselves with fully interactive emails which are targeted to subscribers, informing them of the latest special offers, deals and news.  What this means is the company can receive anywhere between 100,000 and 230,000 interactions with followers per week and depending on the time of year. Another specialty of the company is bespoke website design and hosting, creating some beautiful sites which attract the site user to explore much more about the business and therefore more likely to encourage a booking. “We always try and explain to businesses that are looking for a new website that they must view their website as a “shop front” and that it should always look modern, clean and efficient.  People do judge a business on the quality of the front page of their website.  If it looks shabby and dated, they wont go in, in the same way as you would a shop if you were walking down the High Street.” Said Kevin.

Our motto to the outside world is ‘a place to stay is a click away’.   If you have any further queries about isleofwight.com please do not hesitate to Contact Us.  In the meantime, enjoy your time not only on isleofwight.com but the Isle of Wight too – See you soon.