Explore the natural wonders of the Isle of Wight and it’s many animal residents in our Zoos and countryside

The Isle of Wight is full of natural wonder from it’s rugged coastlines with chalkline cliffs and prehistoric fossils to the the rolling countryside of the downs and West Wight  which you can experience by bike, foot, car, horse or for those looking for something different on a Alpacas trek

You will experience an abundance of flora and fauna as you explore the Island, from the famous Red Squirrel to the Glanville Fritillary Butterfly, a species unique to the Island. Rare and protected species such as dormice, voles and Ventnor’s famous wall lizards inhabit the ground whilst graceful birds of prey and rare bats add interest to the skies. The Island is scattered with dense forests, woods and copses alive with wild flowers, and a visit to Brighstone and Parkhurst forests make a pleasant contrast to the walks on the windswept downs.

The Isle of Wight isn’t short of more exotic wildlife either, with attractions such as Amazon World, Owl and Monkey Haven, Donkey sanctuary and the Isle of Wight Zoo offering a chance to see a wide variety of both familiar and rare species from around the World.

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