The Isle of Wight is a haven for wildlife, with large areas of coastline and downland under the care of the National Trust.  The Island is perhaps most famed for its’ Red Squirrel population that thrives within the broad leaf woodlands and benefiting from the fact that there are no grey squirrels on the Island.  The best place by far to see them is to visit the Red Squirrel hide in Parkhurst Forest.

The Island attracts all kinds of birds to its’ shores as there are lots of low lying grasslands for them to nest.  Newtown Creek is one of these areas; a natural harbour with marshland that was saved in the 1960’s from the threat of a nuclear power station being built there.  Now, the area attracts migrating and nesting birds year round and there are hides and viewing areas for you to watch them.

Keep your eyes open at all times for wildlife on the Island from strange insects to larger animals.  We would love to see and share your pictures, so please send them to CLICK HERE