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Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight

Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight

The lovely village of Carisbrooke can be found on the south western outskirts of Newport and is famous for being the site of Carisbrooke Castle where King Charles I was imprisoned from 1647 to 1648 after his defeat in the English Civil War. The castle is also home to the Carisbrooke donkeys who have been used to draw up water from the well house for hundreds of years and now draw crowds to the castle for live demonstrations of the 16th century tread wheel.

Carisbrooke is also home to St Mary’s  a medieval parish church, the church began it’s life as part of a Benedictine priory, established by French monks about 1150. The main part of the church building was erected in the 11th and 12th centuries and the tower only added later in the 15th century. For those wanting to visit the church please be aware that it does not have it’s own car park but there is a public car park just down the road from the church.

Carisbrooke was for centuries the island ‘s capital and was once called Buccombe or Beaucombe, and means the ‘ fair valley’.

You will find a number of bed and breakfast such as Alvington Manor  along with some self catering properties within Carisbrooke.There are 2 pubs that serve food, a small Italian restaurant and a Indian restuarant and takeaway called the Cardamon Lounge (try thier great Indian tapas) along with a number of shops and cafes. The village even has a icecream named after it ‘Carisbrooke Coffee’ made on the Island from Isle of Wight milk

Carisbrooke is ideal for those who want a it of history or those looking to be close to the centre of the Islands shops, pubs and restaurants but just far enough away to enjoy some peace and quite.



Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight


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