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Freshwater, Isle of Wight

Freshwater, Isle of Wight

Freshwater and Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight is located on the West coast of the Island, the main town offers a good range of shops and is busy all year round. In the town you will find a number of good restaurants, bars and cafes to enjoy.

Freshwater Bay is a stunning bay with pebble beach, clear water and amazing views. The bay is home to Freshwater Lifeboat station and a few shops and cafes dot the area making it a great spot for a relaxing day out by the beach.

If you like walking Freshwater is a great pick, from here you can walk to the Tennyson monument which provides stunning views and scenery , another great walk is to Alum Bay a beautiful bay with deep blue waters. From the downs, you can see the Needles, white spires of chalk which rise from the sea with the famous lighthouse perched at the end. This lighthouse guides ships safely past the treacherous rocks. Whilst there, check out the battlements and concrete structures which were used to forward rocket science The Black Knight Rocket used for testing and verifying re-entry was tested from here although the rocket is now at the Royal Museum Connect Gallery in Edinburgh the remains of the test site are still there and offer a fascinating in site into the past.

Freshwater Bay Golf Club perched high above its famous white cliffs, and is one of the most spectacular courses in the UK.

This impressive landscape has attracted artists for many years, and the Bay was home to Alfred Lord Tennyson,who wrote much of his work here. The pioneering photographer Julia Margaret Cameron attracted many members of Victorian Society to the Island. Her home, Dimbola Lodge, now preserves and exhibits much of her work.

A visit to the Needles Park is a must, take a chairlift down the cliffs onto the beach, build a sand bottle and enjoy the fairground rides nearby is The Needles Old Battery a Victorian coastal defense with a tunnel through the cliffs leading to a spectacular view out to sea.

Freshwater Facts File:

Freshwater is the birthplace of noted scientist and architect Robert Hooke the inventor of the iris diaphragm in cameras, the universal joint used in motor vehicles and the originator of the word ‘cell’ in biology!

Afton Down was the site of the 1970 ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVA L .

A statue of Jimi Hendrix outside Dimbola Lodge in Freshwater commemorates the event.

Freshwater Bay Tourist Information Point

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Dimbola Museum and Galleries
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Freshwater, Isle of Wight


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