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Isle of Wight Deer Farm

Isle of Wight Deer Farm

A brand-new, working deer farm is set to open its gates to visitors on the Isle of Wight this week.

The farm, situated at Nunnery Lane on the outskirts of Newport and will welcome both Islanders and tourists alike to enjoy stunning scenery overlooking rolling countryside, whilst also offering the opportunity to explore wildlife in guided walks and tours through nature – all in an incredibly peaceful area at the very heart of the Island.

There are plenty of deer to see within the 334-acre farm, already home to 145 Red Deer and 61 Fallow Deer – a number which is continually growing as the calving period is in full swing.

There has been a small herd grazing the land for over 15 years – unbeknown to most Islanders – but after recently being acquired by Natural Farm Produce Ltd, 70 deer have been introduced. All calving has been retained to increase growth, in line with the company’s future expansion plans for the fully working farm.

For the initial launch of the farm, guided walking tours and driven-guided tours will be available to visitors which can be booked through their website or by telephone.

The appeal for visitors spans throughout the whole calendar year, with everything from the summer birthing seasons for both red and fallow deer, antler growth, stags and bucks roaring for the rutting season between September and November, fantastic Christmas pictures, and Easter time when antlers are cast.

Juan L. Vicente, Director of Natural Farm Produce Ltd explains:

“We hope to showcase the conservation of these animals and aim to grow the herd to become one of the most significant deer farms in the UK. We will focus on deer but will always have in mind the soil conservation, the animal care, and contributing to biodiversity. We want to spread the knowledge about deer and the properties of venison, leading to the education of both professionals as well as the general public on the full life-cycle of these spectacular creatures and their health benefits of to humans.”

Future plans of the farm include a focus on selling high quality venison to the general public via it’s very own farm shop – as well as a visitor center and more.

Deer meat brings a whole host of health benefits, not only for its staggeringly low 1.2-1.4% fat content but also for its large protein intake (21-32%) as well as the high quantities of Iron, Phosphorous and Zinc (between 16-31% of the daily recommended intake). This all adds to ensuring a healthy and balanced diet.

For full details on the farm and it’s aims, see their website at www.isleofwightdeerfarm.co.uk



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