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West Wight Alpacas

West Wight Alpacas

West Wight Alpacas is a trekking and alpaca stud farm set within 23-acres of picturesque countryside in the village of Wellow on the Isle of Wight and is home to a wonderful herd of unique Suri alpacas.

We’ve opened our doors so you can come trekking with these adorable animals and get to know your cushing from your pronking or you can just as easily drop into our farm café and shop, while you watch the alpacas roam around.

We’re also award-winning Suri alpaca breeders with countless awards and championships under our belt, so we know a thing or two about these rare animals. That’s why we always have some for sale, so others can reap the benefits.

About Us

West Wight Alpacas was set up by husband and wife duo, Neil and Michelle Payne in 2010. What started out as a hobby quickly morphed into an active family business and a high quality tourist attraction as we decided to focus on a niche market. Impressed by the rarity of Suri alpacas and their friendly inquisitive nature, we developed the idea for alpaca trekking and breeding on the Isle of Wight.

Originally, we purchased eleven alpacas (five of which were pregnant) and decided to specialise in the more niche natural coloured Suris to add extra interest for customers. We also bought and developed the existing farm site in the village of Wellow, in West Wight, which is now home to around forty alpacas. Bio Security and high animal welfare standards are a major part of our ethos along with sustainable methods such as breeding alpacas for fibre and using their fleeces, which are known to be the most luxurious in the world.



Wellow Alpaca Stud Main Road Wellow Isle of Wight PO41 0SZ



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April 18, 2017
September 30, 2017
Special Offer

Alpaca Picnic Walk

 Farm Picnic Walk

Children must be aged 8 or over to walk an Alpaca or Llama.Younger children can still walk as long as they are assisted by an adult.

A forty minute walk around our farm to include a meet and greet . You will learn all about the alpaca including its history, its use today and a little about how to care for and breed them.

We will stop at our picnic area at the top of the farm where we will provide you with a picnic while we take in the beautiful views. Bring a bottle of your own wine or even champagne if you feel like being decadent. We can also provide a picnic for people that are not walking and we will try and help by getting those less mobile up to our picnic area in one of our farm vehicles.

£26 per person (minimum 2 maximum 6)

Anyone on any of these activities must have sturdy footwear sensible clothes preferably without flappy coats. Remember to bring a drink and camera (we have various drinks available in our shop).

Call: 01983 760900

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