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White Falconry, Isle of Wight

White Falconry, Isle of Wight

White Falconry Ltd was set up in June 2004 on the Isle of Wight. The Company is run by Steven Hain, who is a qualified Game Keeper, and his partner Lynette Atkinson. Since 1999 Steve’s experience in the field of falconry incorporating falconry demonstrations, falconry days and corporate days.

White Falconry prides itself on the quality of its birds. To do this we as a company don’t have that many birds, we have just enough birds for the demonstrations. This means all our birds get our full attention and plenty of flying time, this also means when you come and see one of our falconry demonstrations our birds are as fit as they can be.

White Falconry also commit a large part of its resources into rehabilitation of wild birds of prey. Over his years in falconry, Steven has observed birds with injures caused by wearing incorrect size or type of equipment. As a result White Falconry offers our services to anyone who has a Bird of Prey who would like it correctly fitted with equipment. We can make equipment for any bird ranging from a Merlin to an Eagle. For this service you could either bring your bird to us or we could come to you. The only charge you would incur would be for any equipment we put on the bird and any travel cost.



White Falconry Ltd PO BOX 74 Ventnor Isle of Wight PO38 3BG

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