The Victorian Town of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight clings to the side of St. Boniface Down, the Island’s highest most point.  What this means is that nearly everywhere has a lovely view of The English Channel.

On either side of Ventnor there are pretty coves, to the south is Steephill Cove, a quaint little cove that is like stepping back in time and is only accessible on foot or by boat.  To the northern side there is Bonchurch, a cove missed by many as it is tucked away..

The whole area is gently warmed by the Gulf Stream meaning that the plants and fauna benefit from a micro-climate allowing plants to grow there that cannot be grown anywhere else in the UK.

Take a trip to the Botanic Gardens at Ventnor, the former home of the National Respiratory Hospital, the carpark is the original footprint of the building and the gardens are a joy to behold.