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Experience the Isle of Wight and plan your trip to the Island. Find hotel and accommodation deals, restaurant reviews, events calendar and detailed visitors guides to guarantee perfects stays on the Isle of Wight.

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Find the best hotels, bed and breakfastsholiday parksself-catering holiday cottagescaravan and camping parks that the Isle of Wight has to offer.

Special offers and information for the Isle of Wight which is updated daily including towns and beaches guides. A superb events diary and information on Isle of Wight Festivals. Wherever you go on the Isle of Wight, one thing is for sure,  you will always receive a warm welcome.

Whether you fancy stating in a bed & breakfast, self-catering cottage, hotel, caravan or a tent, we have a great selection of places to stay.

A stroll along some award-winning beaches, visit the UK's oldest theme park or even visit Osborne House, the once home of Queen Victoria.

The joys of going on holiday are not having to cook, the Island has hundreds of venues to eat and drink at across the Isle of Wight.

Throughout the year there are various special offers from accommodation providers, meaning you can save a little extra cash for an ice cream on the beach!

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Top Foods you Must Try when you Visit the Isle of Wight!

While there are a lot of adventures to be had, things to look at and places to explore on the Isle of Wight, it is also a great place to visit for the food you find there. As well as some of the best fish and chips you will find, there is some amazing local produce and some great local delicacies you really must try! Here we have put just 5 of our recommendations, black garlic, Gallybagger cheese, honeycomb doughnuts, amazing tomatoes and their famous crab pastry! Black garlic Garlic is a big deal on the island, there is the famous Garlic Farm in Newchurch and there is an annual garlic festival even. There are lots of varieties grown and black garlic is created by cooking garlic bulbs for a long time at a low temperature. In the end, the cloves are black, syrupy and sweet and have tamarind and balsamic vinegar background taste. You can have them served with savoury foods on the island but you can also find them as part of an ice-cream sundae! Yes, it sounds a bit crazy, and surely only a garlic lover would appreciate it, but actually, you have got to try it. […]

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