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History of the Isle of Wight


History of The Isle of Wight

The Isle of Wight sits off the south coast of England and although only 23 miles by 13, it is steeped in history throughout the years.  From pre-historic times and the dinosaurs; the fossil’s of which have been well preserved in the chalk and soft clay cliffs, making the Island a Mecca for fossil hunters World Wide. Signs of Stoneage Man are here too, with the Long Stone near Mottistone standing proud on top of the downs. Charles I was held prisoner on the Isle of Wight at Carisbrooke Castle, until he was take to London to be executed and of course, Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had their holiday home built on the Island as they loved it so much.  Osborne House was much loved by the Queen and here family and when Prince Albert died she made it her permanent home . Take a look at our time chart below to see what has gone on on the Isle of Wight.   isle of wight history 2